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Raje Liker V8 is a genuine FB Liker which automatically enables you to facebook auto like photo every time you add any.

No, it is an absolutely convenient app which once you have enabled for your Facebook will automatically like each and single post of yours you add to it.

No, you can’t. Raje Auto Liker V6 is a free auto liker for your facebook account which is not available for iOS devices yet. It only works on the Android operating system and is easily available on GetJar Store.

It is a free auto liker app which does not include any downloading charges.

Raje Auto Liker based on Facebook Graph Application program interface (API). We use Facebook app to get collect your data from Facebook. RajeLiker Auto Liker is a Facebook social exchange website. for example when you submit your post and try to get likes on your post than you will receive other user likes. Same as when other user submit post user receive likes from you. Member who use other tools. like Auto Comments, Auto Page Liker, Auto Comments Liker Are using same method. except Auto Wall Poster and Status updater both are work using only your access token.

It is neccessery to make Followers to everybody and your age should be 18+ to start followers settings. autoliker need followers settings becouse who none of your friends never seen any like button and comment box on your Facebook post followers settings allow other user to comment and like your post. Followers Setting provides by facebook its 100% safe to make it everybody.

Only public post can be get likes because likes comes from other users who is not your friends likes comes from who are using our website. If you want to get likes on your Facebook status, photos or videos then first of all make public your post Privacy Setting.

No, Your ID will not block using but we recommend you to use any Fake ID to get likes. Because Sometime Facebook temporary block your some activity in Facebook like:- liking status, page and comments etc.

Access Token is a temporary permission code which is provide by Facebook apps. Which is use for login our website. This app not required access token.

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