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The introduction of social media such as Facebook transformed the digital world by establishing connections and becoming the digital world’s only means of life and approval for the young as well as business entities.

If you’re reading this article, your Fb page is certainly overwhelmed with comments. This article will describe why and how to set up a Facebook Auto Reply Comment. You’ll create and manage the Fb Auto-Reply Comments page, which sends a private message to the commenter over Facebook Messenger, using Rajeliker.com, which behaves similarly to the Facebook Comments.

Why should you worry about your Facebook comments?

It’s true that commenting on Facebook comments may be a headache, especially when so many of those are spam. Facebook comments free, on the other hand, can be a great source of customer feedback or even sales leads in a variety of situations.

According to a report, the average Facebook user only makes four comments in a 30-day period. Only four! When compared to post likes and ad clicks, the low quantities of Facebook comments show that the person is extremely engaged with your information.

How Do You Set Up Facebook Comment Auto Reply?

Unfortunately, auto-replies for comments on Facebook posts and ad posts are not available natively on Facebook. To set that up, you’ll need to use a third-party provider. Here are a few services that provide this functionality.

What Are Fb auto comments online?

We recognize that moderating Facebook comments isn’t straightforward, especially when there’s a lot of junk mail to handle with. However, because Fb comments reply, maybe a useful source of customer feedback or even possible sales leads, it’s critical to immediately respond to the majority of them.

A user’s Facebook comments reply could suggest that he or she is:

  • I’m enthusiastic about your industry, company, or product.
  • I am searching for a solution to a specific issue with Facebook user
  • I’m asking for guidance with your product.
  • a user who wishes to communicate with your company in order to make recommendations

An unsatisfied consumer

The common thread in all of these situations is that a Facebook comment Liker that the user is seeking to establish a relationship with your business for one reason or another. You don’t need to waste a Facebook user who leaves a comment on your post. This individual will ideally be converted into a Facebook Messenger contact.

The Site for Facebook Auto-Commenting

Instead of downloading multiple tools, the internet has transformed the global digital field, and there are now lots of choices for developing such auto comment production using various open-source websites.

These websites function in the context of Facebook Auto-Commenting detection and the posting of messages and comments for a public profile with a big number of users and users with a large friend list.

Why is the conversation being transferred to Facebook unlimited comments ?

Why should you transfer the conversation to Facebook Messenger when these Facebook individuals are constantly commenting on your Facebook post? The simple answer is that you can message them back at any time after they have messaged your Facebook page.

Facebook posts and Facebook unlimited comments both have upsides and downsides. Responding to a Facebook Comments thread can help any article get traction, so keep doing so.

Your business can benefit from both Facebook posts and personal messages with the right implementation. So here are some reasons why you might want to retain a Fb auto comment exchange private:

Selling to a potential customer: if your process accesses a discount, you would just provide something that’s not accessible in the Fb comments reply.

Personalized support: sometimes clients are in a unique situation, so it’s essential to provide a straightforward response so other users aren’t misunderstood.

Facebook comments: Addressing unpleasant opinions in Resolving the issue in Facebook comments may produce an Alice in Wonderland you aren’t prepared for.

Responding to critical Facebook auto comments app is an important part of a group’s online presence and you’re not just responding to one customer, but to everyone who views it. Proper execution will benefit your business since that communicates that you intend to do things well, honestly, and quickly.

Facebook comment Liker Respond to a complaint by explaining your company’s intention to resolve the issue and then continue the dialogue on Messenger. Follow up in a professional, sympathetic manner that is consistent with your company’s tone, and do not delete unpleasant feedback.

What Are the Benefits from Using Facebook Comment Auto Reply?

Because of the importance of the person’s interest in the Fb auto comment script, it is vital to react to the minority of them. The significance of owning a human response to suggestions is that they can customize them because it is done on a case-by-case basis. However, this is not always possible to also have a human attend to every user. This is especially true because sending a direct message in response to a comment restricts you from emailing the person until they answer your message.

Rajeliker.com is a website that allows users to send a message to Facebook Comments Autoresponder is equivalent to the Fb auto comments online in terms of functionality. Your business should be able to focus its time and resources on people who have reacted to your private message, courtesy of the Facebook Post Autoresponder. Additionally, since this feature immediately sends a private message, the user is more likely to answer. If your Facebook comments free leads, this is wonderful.

As per this article, Facebook Auto-Commenting efficiency is a key predictor of customer acquisition. Here’s where the machine and thus the employee cooperate and provide the highest level of customer service. According to Business Insider, communicating with a consumer within the first hour can increase lead conversion by seven times.

Are posts on Fb auto comment script important?

They are, indeed. In whatever marketing technique you may choose, comments are critical. To begin off, responses could support you in learning what anyone else thinks of your page. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to get genuine feedback from your subscribers or customers. Several FB Page managers will also demand that viewers, subscribers, and followers leave comments on their pages. This is because they consider the importance of feedback. Comments on your website can help you promote engagement, credibility, traffic, and reach, among other things.


You can make customized comments and send automated responses to your Facebook pages at any moment using the Facebook auto comment bots. For just about any Facebook comment, the application also allows users to create different automatic comments and receive confirmation templates. You can use the receive a confirmation tool to immediately respond to a Facebook comment through a private message on Facebook Messenger.

How can you acquire a limitless number of Facebook likes?

These are the top ten free Facebook auto comments app for getting infinite likes on photos, videos, and posts. The plurality of the pages listed in the post provides additional capabilities such as Facebook Auto Reaction, Auto Commenter, Auto Friends Adder, and more. Almost every page on the list implements the Details technique, meaning that every one of their likes will just be automatically transmitted to your account.

How to Leave a Facebook Auto Comment, and Reply to Them

I’m sure you’ve responded to someone’s comment on a Facebook page a number of times. However, the well-crafted and well-placed remark that you were so pleased with has now turned into a minor nightmare. When people remark on the initial post, you are constantly surrounded by alerts.

I’ve got some bad news for you. Because you’ve probably done something similar. And by that, I mean you’ve most likely replied to a post incorrectly more than once.

This is how you respond to Fb auto comments.

Here’s an example of a Facebook post with an Auto comment.

Everyone who commented on the original post would then receive an email reminder that I’ve made a new comment. That is Facebook unlimited comments.

People, on the other hand, rarely respond to the initial posting. They’re instead responding to one of the remarks. That’s when things start to go bad.

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